Data Center Monitoring Services

Using “Sensplorer Environment Control System”, monitor critical IT components such as Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Acess to environment monitoring and control, with its custom hardware and software without having the need for other external components
  • Monitor all your systems and sensors through TCP/IP network.
  • Monitor real time energy consumption, PUE and virtual sensor calculations.
  • Send data to SNMP, Syslog and ModbusTCP based systems simultaneously.

Critical Location Monitoring

Monitor and control all critical infrastructure and their environment 24/7 in order to have uninterrupted business continuity. (Data Centers, System Rooms, Network Cabins, Electrical Panels, Archives, Cell Towers, ATMs, Transformer Centers, Field Components, Business and Shopping Centers, Drug and Sensitive Items Storage Facilities, Cold Air Storages etc.

Detailed Monitoring Screen

Control your infrastructure by using sensors for Temperature, Humidity, Water Leakage, Air Filter, Vibration, AC/DC Voltage, AC/DC Current, Dry Contact. Track UPS, Battery, Generator and Air Conditioning units simultaneously. Automize all components for balanced and efficient operation.

Energy Efficiency Monitoring

Collect all PDU, meter and energy analyzers’ data in one central location. Monitor all this data, establish default values and detect anomalies in real time. Calculate real time power usage efficiency (PUE). This product is certified by SNMP, MQTT, AMQP, Syslog, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, IEC60870-104, SCADA, BMS Sensplorer Microsoft Azure IOT. And it can generate data for SCADA monitoring and management systems.


Trend Micro Antivirus + Security

  • Block web threats. Get protected against Ransomwares and other online threats
  • Avoid online fraud. Get protected tor ID Phishing emails.
  • Block dangerous websites that can steal personal data
  • Stop viruses and harmful software

Comodo Antivirus

  • Protects against current cyber threats with cloud based scaning
  • Executes and evaluates unknown or suspicious files in sanbox environment automatically.
  • Allows easy installation and usage with its simple interface
  • Quarantines all suspicious files and eliminates the risk of virus infection
  • Always kept up to date with current threat databases and virus signatures.

SEP (Symantec Endpoint Protection)

  • Updates itself using Symantec Global Intelligence Network and automizes protection against new threats.
  • High Performance: Utilizing Insight technology of Symantec Endpoint Protection, work load of scanning process can be reduced up to 70%.
  • Smart Management: Using a single smart management interface, Windows, Mac, Linux, virtual machines and integated systems can be managed with high performance
Network and Security Products

Cabled Network Products


  • Dell  Dell
  • Aruba Aruba
  • Cisco Cisco
  • Juniper Juniper

Wireless Network Products

Purchasing, installation and management of all Cisco and Aruba wireless network products needed for your infrastructure.

Firewall and LoadBalance Products


  • Fotinet Fotinet
  • Netscaler Netscaler
  • F5 F5
  • Cisco Cisco
  • A10 A10
  • HA Proxy (Free-Sanal) HA Proxy (Free-Virtual)
  • Pfsens (Free-Sanal) Pfsens (Free-Virtual)
802.1x and NAC Software

Scop Net 802.1x

Scoopnet blocks unauthorized devices to connect to the corporate network. Can work with all network devices independently. It can operate moderator duties without using 802.1x protocol. You can also manage the 802.1x operation by using Scoopnet Radius Architecture.

Aruba ClearPass NAC

You can moderate every device connected to the corporate network by adjusting their internal security setup and file access privileges as well as guest network user privileges and own a modern corporate network management system.

Backup Products

User Data Backup


  • Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows
  • Acronis Backup
  • Dell EMC Avamar Backup Clients

Server Backup


  • Veeam Backup & Replication
  • Acronis Backup
  • Arcserv

Cloud Based Backup


  • Veeam Cloud Connect
  • Acronis Cloud Backup
Disaster Recovery Products

RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines

Using RecoverPoint, protect your VMware virtual machines against disruption and data loss


  • Zerto
  • Arcserv
Server, Storage and HCI Products

Physical Server Models


  • Dell EMC
  • Lenovo
  • Supermicro
  • HPE
  • Inspure

Storage Devices

Physical storage solutions in SATA, SAS, SSD, NVME and Flash configuration.


  • Dell EMC SC Series (Storage Compelent)
  • Pure Storage
  • IBM V Series

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Products

These products allow combination of servers and storage devices


  • VSAN (SDS)
DLP - Data Loss Prevention Products

Utilize DLP products to prevent data leakage and critical data loss. These products are custom designed to operate within the many regulations of Turkish government.

Safetica DLP

  • Compatible with GDPR and ISO 27001
  • Allows virtual crypto disk creation
  • WebSense protection
  • Internet limitation
  • E-mail monitoring and analysis
  • Block external devices
  • Network monitoring and limitation
  • Blocking based on content
  • Folder monitoring
  • Active and Passive time monitoring
  • Application Control
  • File Monitoring and blocking
  • Establishing network policies
  • Data Flow
  • User computer monitoring
  • Detailed graphical reporting

Comodo DLP

Store sensitive information on files and analyze the movement of these files inside the network with Comodo DLP. With security and protection planning, control access to sensitive data from inside and outside of the organization.

Mcafee DLP

  • Adjust Microsoft Azure Information
  • Create and identify AIP tags for portable data
  • Integration with external user behavior analytics
  • Block attacks coming from local network
  • Abnormal and high-risk user analysis and identification
  • Manual classification
  • End-point scanning for user management and error correction
  • Spelling and grammar algorithms based on dictionary based flexible classification
  • Stored files and external resource support
5651 Logging and Cloud Hotspot

5651 and Logging

All logging and storage solutions needed to be compliant with law 5651 of the Turkish government

Local Hotspot

Seperate guest network from main network by creating a local hotspot solution

Cloud Hotspot

Separate guest network from main work network by creating a cloud hotspot solution

E-mail Archiving Products

Windows or Linux based e-mail servers and archiving software for all your corporate needs

E-mail Products


  • Exchange 2013-2016-2019, DAG Licensing + Installation
  • Mail Enable Installation
  • Zimbra Licensing + Installation
  • Postfix Installation
  • Exim
  • iRedMAil

Archiving Products


  • Enterprise Vault

Cloud E-mail Products


  • Hosted Exchange
  • Office365
  • Corporate Gmail
  • Coporate YandexMail

E-mail Spam Filter Products


  • Spam Titan
  • Barracuda